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Todays modern printing equipment, inks and substrates have reached levels of near perfection in terms of quality and longevity



Fine art giclee printing, when done well, is an art unto itself.  Great printing requires complete control of every aspect of the reproduction process.  That includes calibrating the camera, monitor, and printer to produce predictable and consistent results.  An image will be analyzed and processed by 4 to 6 different programs before it is ready to print.  It will often take hours to photograph and process a single image  but the end results can be spectacular!  When combined with the right paper/canvas and inks, and properly cared for by their owners, images will endure for well over 100 years.

photo of Bonnie Abbott orginial
photo of Bonnie Abbott reproduction on canvas
Photo of original
Artist: Bonnie Abbott
Photo of printed copy
on matte canvas on our
Epson Pro 9900 Fine Art Printer
with Ultra Chrome HDR ink

While print shops offer great services, they are not typically considered to be fine art printers and they should not be expected to be!   Print shops can deliver great duplicating services but most do not have the equipment, skill, knowledge or interest it takes to produce exceptional fine art (giclee) prints.  This, however, always works well for us especially when we put print shop reproductions next to ours! 

If you are considering reproducing your work, talk to us first and we will guide you through every step of the process in insure your success.

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